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Soluções Eletrônicas Automotivas

O componente eletrônico da indústria automotiva moderna é cada vez mais importante, e muitos controles de veículos, segurança de direção, interconexão de comunicação e equipamentos de conforto são inseparáveis do poderoso sistema eletrônico automotivo. Equipamentos de teste eletrônicos adequados para aplicações de eletrônicos automotivos tornaram-se uma ferramenta indispensável para engenheiros automotivos.  

  • ECU Design And In-Car Network

    With the use of a large number of electronic control unit ECUs, communication and coordination between the control modules have become an important work content in automotive electronic design. In addition to conventional protocol analyzers, engineers need a tool that can simultaneously observe transmission protocols and various sensor analog signal waveforms. RIGOL's mainstream oscilloscopes provide CAN and Flexray's trigger and decoding capabilities to do similar work well. The instrument not only converts complex waveform signals into data, but also performs specific triggers, such as capturing the bus state of the throttle position sensor at a specific angle and the changes in other signals at this time.

  • Automotive Drive Systems

    The size and timing of the ignition pulse are important for the proper operation of the engine. Combined with high-pressure probes, RIGOL oscilloscopes capture the ignition pulse shapes of individual spark plugs and accurately measure the time interval between them. Combined with a current probe, it also detects current output and fluctuations in the battery system. In response to the development of hybrid and pure electric vehicle technology, RIGOL's power analysis software can analyze drive modules and operating status and loss, helping engineers modify designs and improve drive efficiency.

  • Vehicle Stimulated Signal Simulation

    Many of vehicle sensors are able to output signals of various amplitudes, frequencies and duty-hungry variations to transmit information on the operating status of the vehicle. RIGOL's arbitrary waveform generator is built into any waveform used by many automotive electronics, allowing the user to adjust the various parameters of the signal, simulate sensor changes, and verify the operating characteristics of the control circuit. RIGOL also provides the ability to seamlessly output oscilloscope capture waveforms to any waveform generator, perfectly simulating what happens in real-world conditions.

  • Data Acquisition

    Many parameters need to be monitored during vehicle operation, such as water temperature, oil temperature, fuel pressure, battery voltage, and interior temperature. If you need to detect changes in multiple signals for a long time, RIGOL's M300 is a flexible, modular Data Acquisition system with high performance scanning 6.5 digit DMM

  • Vehicle RF Technology

    Many RF technologies are used in automotive electronics, including remote key/keyless entry systems, tire pressure detection systems (TPMS), and reversing radar systems. The DSG3000 RF signal source supports common ASK/FSK modulated RF pattern output. With the DSA series of spectrum analyzers, complete system testing from transmission to reception can be completed.





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