Eye Diagram can help you to find the root causes

Eye Diagram can help you to find the root causes

In today's communication world, how can we effectively monitor and measure the quality of communication? The answer is simple, it is to observe the eye diagram of the signal on the oscilloscope. The eye diagram is the best tool for observing signal quality, because it contains all signal quality factors, such as amplitude, voltage, period, noise and other quality parameters. It can further analyze the jitter of the signal and also predict the bit error rate of communication, so the eye diagram is a parameter index with comprehensive testing and verification. The basic tool for performing eye diagram measurements is a high-speed digital oscilloscope, generally speaking. The current communication transmission speed is as high as 1Gb/s or more, so most oscilloscopes need an oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 2GHz or more, and a sufficient sampling rate is suitable. As for how the eye diagram is formed? Usually, the signal of the Peudo Random Binary Sequence is used, the oscilloscope periodically resamples the data points consecutively, and the waveform of the transition voltage is manipulated repeatedly, and finally the eye diagram is displayed on the screen that the engineer needs to observe is obtained.


RIGOL is the leading test and measurement vendor in Asia which has the capabilities of high-speed eye diagram design during these years. It owned the latest self-developed analog to digital chipset (ADC) which can implement high speed eye diagram formation. RIGOL also has innovative and creative ideas to optimize the test procedure among eye diagram testing during R&D design and debug. For example, MSO8000 series oscilloscope is the key instrument to implement eye diagram currently and the frequency bandwidth can be up to 2GHz, and the sample rate can be reached to 10GSa/s as well. Besides of eye diagram functionality, it also equips with versatile tools which can enrich the debugging functionalities through procedure of research and development and help engineers to find root causes immediately and efficiently. RIGOL sincerely invites you to join the fantastic journey of high speed digital test in the future.